"Fishtank is hands down the most professional consultancy I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They took the time to truly understand my career goals and provided unwavering support throughout the entire process."

At Fishtank, we take pride in the feedback we receive from our candidates. We often hear phrases like, 'You're not like any other agency I've ever worked with.'

Our passion for what we do shines through in our work. We genuinely care about our candidates' careers, taking the time to understand their motivations for change and their ideal next role.

This deep understanding allows us to make tailored introductions on your behalf. You're not just a statistic to us; we want to know you personally to find your perfect fit.


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    Retention rate – we get it right, no need for second tries.

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    Experience - 20 years in industry!

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What our candidates say about us

chelsea square 2

I would like to express my gratitude to Chelsea.

She helped me find the perfect place for my career. Throughout the entire recruiting process, Chelsea kept in touch, answered all questions, and also supported morally (which is very important).

sarah square2

I’ve just landed a brilliant job through Fishtank so I want to publicly express my gratitude to Sarah for getting me through my application process with some great advice and words to keep me as calm as possible - which all job hunters need.

Despite being a confident person, I do get a bit nervous at interview stage, but with Sarah’s help (that was specific to the job, not generic) and reassurance, I interviewed with great preparation and anticipation.

To round it off, Sarah’s a genuinely warm and friendly person too :)

To summarise, Sarah:
Gets the job. Gets the candidate. Communicates brilliantly. Is super friendly

Five stars.
Thanks, Sarah!


Copywriter – Fintech


Ellie was very helpful from beginning to end. At no point was I left in the dark and Ellie was very helpful with advising on how to prep for the interview and what the company is looking for. I would definitely recommend for colleagues and friends.

chelsea square 2

Chelsea was very friendly and supportive during my recruitment process. Well informed about the position she managed to give me all I needed while respecting her client’s wishes to remain confidential; which is no easy task.

She saw my deep interest in the position and did all she can to help me best represent myself going above and beyond. Not to mention the constant follow-ups and feedback which created a sense of transparency and trust. It was truly heartwarming to see a recruiter who actually cared about the candidate and not only the hiring company.
Overall, very grateful to all she did and I know her helping hand and professionalism were a major factor in me getting the position.

sarah square2

Sarah was really helpful, friendly and quick. I felt fully supported by her, and very well informed about processes.


User Experience Designer


I can't speak highly enough of Ellie. After all my years of dealing with headhunters she was like a breath of fresh air.

Always available and willing to listen. Got me access from the first meeting to the key decision makers in the hiring process and helped the company manufacture a role for me that wasn't the same role I had initially applied to.

Very attentive and no false promises or half truths which I had become accustomed to with other firms. Kept me fully updated throughout the whole process to put me at ease even when things got a little delayed.

Would I recommend Ellie, yes without hesitation.


sarah square2

Sarah's very proactive, efficient and placed me in an ideal role within a couple of weeks; I can't recommend strongly enough.


Lead Product Manager

chelsea square 2

My experience with Chelsea as my recruiter was exceptional! Chelsea has been very helpful throughout my recruitment process. I got the job because of Chelsea’s great efforts. She made each step of the recruiting process positive and fast! She is very comfortable to talk to and extremely supportive.