Interview with Ellie - Summer 2019

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Here is part of an interview that Ellie, our founder did for Bristol 24/7 this summer as part of a larger piece on the Bristol recruitment industry.


How is the sector in Bristol faring?

It’s busy!  Recruitment is a popular career choice in Bristol with there being so many agencies working across a wide range of sectors. From large KPI driven agencies through to boutique specialist consultancies there are huge variations of services and environments available depending on what works best for you.


What major changes has it undergone in the last five-ten years?

Recruitment has changed unrecognisably in the last decade!  When I first got into the sector there were a plethora of large recruitment companies who positioned themselves as a 1 stop shop recruiting marketing managers through to lorry drivers.  There are far more smaller specialist recruitment consultancies focusing in one sector.  As a result, companies have better understanding of how valuable a ‘good’ recruiter can be to the growth of their business.  Mutual respect and working together to identify and secure top talent is definitely something we experience with our clients.  It makes our involvement much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Bristol is well and truly on the map seeing many large corporates opening new offices here.  We have more candidates than ever, wanting to make the move to Bristol for various reasons.  It ticks so many boxes from being such a creative city through to having a great music scene.  Excellent mountain biking facilities, rock climbing, water sports and fantastic family vibe, it works for everyone!


In what ways have businesses had to adapt?

The whole game has changed in recent years. You need to have expert knowledge of your sector and a focussed client list with meaningful relationships meaning you can approach the market and not solely rely on your advert responses. This is a far superior way of working for companies with big recruitment plans.


What are some of the main challenges faced and/or successes within the sector?

Recruitment is a mammoth industry in Bristol.  I was keen to work within a small boutique company that specialised so I could offer a truly consultative service.  Throwing mud at walls was never a technique I believed in.  We love getting to know our clients, team culture, business challenges etc so we can add value ensuring the candidates we introduce are a brilliant fit on all levels.  Marketing, Comms, Data and Creative  recruitment is a very busy, fast paced and fun space to work in. 

The main challenge for any recruiter in Bristol is the amount of competition.  Businesses are inundated with cold calls from recruiters so differentiating yourself and standing out from the crowd (for the right reasons) can be a challenge.  Having come from the sector I now recruit in means I can help clients on various levels. A solid market understanding and knowledge is the only way we are able to work in a truly consultative approach, offering advice and securing a long-term relationships. That is how we stand out from the crowd.


What do you think the future hold for recruitment in Bristol?

We are very much in a candidate led market where skilled employees are in demand.  This changes the traditional dynamic of the industry and it is crucial to adapt and plan accordingly.

The days of sending 3 CVs and hoping for the best won’t get you anywhere anymore. We’re challenged with helping clients to differentiate themselves from tough competition and help candidates to understand what the ideal opportunity looks like.  

As for the industry as a whole in Bristol, I’m confident it will continue to thrive and expand.  It’s an exciting time to be in recruitment!


You can read the full article HERE