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  • The girls are back...
    04 May 2016

    The girls are back!

    We have some fantastic news! We have reunited some of our oldest team members, Ellie, Hannah (now Brooks, was Sharp) and Julia (Hools) are back in the tank

    Ellie and Hannah have both been busy growing their own little teams at home so delighted to be back for a break ;)  Ellie and Hannah are both back working with old and new clients and candidates across the agency world.

    After a busy few years doing a variety of things, including a contract “on the other side” managing recruitment inhouse, Julia has rejoined the tankers for a short period before she relocates to the South. Julia’s inhouse clients are delighted to have her back supporting them through their recruitment plans.

    It's good to have the team back together!

    If you'd like to join the team, we're recruiting so please get in touch today!

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